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HydroStatic Test

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Hydro Static Service

Whats up divers! noticing something not good on your tank? its time let us check it and we will take care of it! Our company right now is just already got a license from Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) with license code LSSM-012-IDN to do an inspection on the scuba tank. Therefore we would like to introduce our new service that you could use that is:

Scuba Cylinder Visual Inspection

This service will be checking the visual of your tank, looking for residuals, dust, salt that had already trapped in the tank. This will make you know if your tank is still proper to use or need a immediate repair.

Scuba Cylinder Hydrostatic Test

Hydro test is a must do for a diver to maintain their safety under the water. the test is done once every 5 years usually, by checking the leakage inside the tank with tools operated by our technician, the tank will be inserted with high pressure air (approx. 4500psi), then let rest, while identifying the consistency of the pressure afterwards.

Scuba Cylinder Repair

The repair will be conducted after the above checking are done and technician will inform you of any possibilities of parts that needed to be cleaned or replaced such as valve, and the wheel. The replacement will require addition to the fees depends of products that agreed to be purchased by the owner of the tank.

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