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Javascuba is a dive center located in Jakarta, which co-operate with SSI and PADI for course, and Hollis, Oceanic, Lavacore, Orcatorch, Recon for equipment. Scuba School International is the name to trust in the diving world, one of the oldest diving course. Since 1970, SSI had attribute that success to the standards and focused method of training. For more than 45 years, SSI has provided diving course, diving certification, and education for divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world.

SSI have some values which becoming its training philosophy. Knowledge, is the first one, consist on how to replaces anxiety and fear with correct information. Second, is the skills which being trained through continous and correct repetition. The third one is Equipment, to guide you investing on the right equip. Lastly, Experience which one will get throughout diving. More information...

Javascuba Dive Container ( JDC )

Java Scuba dive container located in Jalan Panjang Green Garden, West Jakarta. With our motto, make bubbles not babies, we are trying to make the diving as close as you are, therefore we built the dive container.

The pool is being built by combining 2 used container, with approx. 2.8 meter length and 3 meter height. Solid rectangle design and leak proof feature made this container could hold long as 8 years.

Other than divers that want to feel the nostalgic vibes of diving, those who want to try diving also able to use this pool, to know how diving feels like, before they continued dive in the sea.

The pool is able to contain 12 persons at most, this pool has already been visited by more than 500 persons since its opening, Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy and experience the only dive container in the city.

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